Remove part P of current electrical regulations thereby letting competent people do there electrical work at home with out contravening the current regulations

Why is this idea important?

Why should home owners that are perfectly competent at doing their own electrical wiring need to pay out for an electrician to come and complete these tasks?

 The legalisation is also counter productive as lots of people who can ill afford to pay to have the work completed by a registered electrician are making do with what they have all ready got. Leading to over loaded sockets etc.

2 Replies to “Remove Part P from current electrical regs”

  1. I have an Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering and a detailed knowledge of the Wiring Regulations yet because I have not completed the required training an deemed not competetent to carry out electrical wiring or testing. This is a completely unnecessary regulation.

  2. ‘Part P’ – Another piece of senseless ill thought out legislation, (probably from person of the same mentality). I passed my City and Guilds Electrical Engineering (with Distinction, – whowee!)some 40+ yrs ago and have, over this time planned and completed all manner of installations & repairs. Yet absurdely I am considered no longer capable of doing so! (the little hitlers strive to have their way somehow)

    Further:- Domestic Gas.I worked ‘hands on’during the natural gas conversion of GB. Latterly ‘on call back’ ie troubleshooter, where one rectified problems, made systems safe etc.
    Now, yes, more moronic ‘legislation’ (from the same mentality of people)says I am unable to carry out gas work any more as I am not registerd with some ‘body’.!!

    So it goes on. What next? Prohibiting unregistered work on water installations in case one might drown someone.

    The vast majority of people have enough nouse only to do what they are capable of (excluding those that make up these irritating and stupid regulations’). Those that do not will carry on, (including those just aforementioned)anyway despite.

    Domestic oil!…………no ill stop now.

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