To remove this law or regulation

Why is this idea important?

This was brought in one the pretext that it would save lives, even though careful analysis would show no lives were saved. Instead it has increased costs for householders, and put small one person electrical contractors out of business, concentrating this area of electrical work to larger businesses which can afford the costs

2 Replies to “Remove part P of the building regulations”

  1. I fully agree a useless piece of legislation.

    Knee jerk reaction along with many others pushed by John Prescott and those with a vested interest in making money.

  2. Please remove part p I am a sole trader with 40yrs experience who simply carnt afford this stupid policy also my customers don’t want this because of the extra expense its the big companies that like it as they see the small companies go bust and leave all the work for them thanks John Prescott I will soon be on the dole

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