Currently any installer of 'green' energy (in particular photovoltaic power from solar panels) has to be registered under the Microgeneration scheme or their customers will not be able to claim back the Fixed Income Tariff for generating such power – or the supplement for returning it to the grid.

This is not a SAFETY requirement, because there is no bar on an unregistered person or company connecting a system to the grid (providing they comply with the relevant Building Regulations), it is simply a way of a Quango-type organization making a lot of money out of small businesses.

Why is this idea important?

If the Government is serious promoting the adoption of alternative energy then it must look to encourage small businesses to get involved. All electrical installations on houses are now covered by v17 of the Building Regulations and must therefor be safe. We accept that the 'product certification'  part of the scheme is acceptable. SO if the product is certified and the installation deemed safe WHY is it necessary for a small business to spend about £5,000 on becoming certified – and then a further £1,500 per year maintaing that certification.

Removing this unnecessary rule would encourage more small businesses (especially electrical contractors) to involve themselves in reversing climate change.

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