To reduce the costs of small businesses by removing the regulations enforced by the Environmental Agency to treat all waste produced by any business as dangerous waste.

Why is this idea important?

Small businesses have to pay to have waste removed by a waste removal company and full records kept even if they only produce small amounts of waste that can be recycled such as paper and food waste. This is costing small businesses thousands of pounds. This expense could be removed if businesses were allowed to identify what waste they produce to the Environment agency and if deemed suitable could recycle this waste and avoid this cost.

Only businesses involved in sectors that produce dangerous waste such as chemicals  or materials (Asbestos etc)should be required to use a certified waste disposal company.

I own a small cafe that produces 2 – 3 binbags of waste a week that is no different to what I produce in my kitchen at home but I am required to pay a firm to take my business waste away. I could recycle most of this waste myself as it is mostly newspapers, plastic wrapping, tins and some small amounts of food waste that can be composted (food scraps, bread). The only thing I couldn't recycle is egg shells.

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