I believe that in a truly multicultural society, religious instruction and worship should be separated from state funded education.  Parents can already choose to raise their child within their own belief system and this should remain a private matter.

Children attending state funded schools (even non-denominational school) are still forced to endure religious instruction and acts of worship (thinly disguised as religious education).  

In my experience, these acts of worship are  exclusively christian.

Of course parents can choose to have their children withdrawn from worship however this causes children to be excluded from other activities such as school assemblies, presentations, etc. as well as being perceived as being "difficult" or "different".

Despite withdrawing my own children from participating in acts of worship, my children have been forced to sing hymns, pray and on several occasions "press-ganged" into re-enacting bible stories.

Children are forced to participate in "Religious and Moral Education" where it is presumed that there cannot be any morality without religion.

In 2010, freedom of religion and/or belief appears to be universally accepted everywhere apart from the classroom…

Why is this idea important?

In a society which truly accepts freedom of choice, thought and action it is wholly inappropriate for children to be forced to participate in acts of worship by those entrusted with their education .  

Unfortunately this is enshrined in law as the Education (Scotland) Act speaks of acts of worship within schools as being  "broadly Christian in nature".

Children should not be subjected to such state sponsored religious indoctrination.  If parents wish to bring children up in their own beliefs then they remain free to do so until a time when the child can choose for themselves.

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