Remove arbitrary restrictions on what people wear and their fashion choices, both in legislation and in decisions by government, both national and local.  This will include, for example, planning conditions.

Employers will still be able to require certain dress codes, where they can justify this.  Other common-sense restrictions will remain, to prevent people from impersonating a Police Officer, for example, to require protection in dangerous environments, or to ensure good hygiene and food safety.

Our activity should be legislated about, but not our fashion choices.  People should be free to wear what they want, as much as they what, or as little as they want, unless there is an objective reason to prevent a certain choice in a certain context.

Why is this idea important?

The purpose of this is to clarify the boundries between the state and the individual.  The state should not make decisions about what is proper or attractive or fitting.  The state should only get involved when our behaviour can have an negative impact on other people.

If someone is acting in a violent way, innocent people may get hurt.  If someone is creating  alot of noise, other people can suffer in all kinds of ways.  But if someone has a haircut or t-shirt other people don't like, they can simply look elsewhere.  If someone is wearing too much, or too little, for someone else's taste, they can simply look elsewhere.

There are valid reasons to limit what people wear, but the fact that someone else does not like their choice is not a valid reason.  In a free society, only necessary limits on our freedom should be permitted.

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