It is ridiculous that I can't legally advertise in a shop window or a local newspaper or on the Internet for people interested in joining a nice social poker game.

When the nanny state tries to protect people from hard drugs, that's one thing, but poker? Is it really so excruciatingly dangerous that people shouldn't be allowed to freely advertise their perfectly legal game and allow adults to decide for themselves whether or not to play? There should also be no restrictions on poker played in private or in pubs so long as the house does not charge a fee for playing.

Why is this idea important?

Betting opportunities are widely available in the bookmakers that can be found in almost every row of shops. Why should poker players be discriminated against?

We'd also be much better off as a country if more people enjoyed social poker games round someone's kitchen table instead of losing money at unfavourable odds at the bookies or paying extortionate prices for beer down the pub.

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