Remove restrictions on the unemployed doing voluntary work and claiming benefit.

When I was looking for work and found some unpaid voluntary work I was told that I couldn't also claim unemployment benefit because if I was doing voluntary work then I wasn't in a position to accept a job if it came up. In actual fact gaining skills through volunteering is a great way of getting the necessary experience required for a job. It benefits the community and means that an individual is not sitting at home wondering what to do. I doubt that by sitting at home passively I would have got any kind of job. My suggestion is that the law be changed to encourage people to get involved in voluntary work while they are waiting for paid work to come along.

Why does this idea matter?

Voluntary work is valuable in its own right as well as being beneficial to the individuals and society at large. If the benefit system rewarded people for taking the initiative in this way then we would all benefit.

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