The cost of administering the road tax, police wasting time on road tax evasion, court costs. Administrative costs can all be stopped at once. By adding it to the fuel duty as a quite specific road tax duty clearly identified in the cost.   The heavy road users and gas guzzling vehicles would pay most. The ones that don't use the car a lot would pay less far fairer.

This will lead to more innovation towards cheaper cleaner fuels more efficient vehicles marketed towards the high vehicle usage business.

Foreign truck drivers could then be made to pay more of their fair share that have allowed them to undercut our industry. This can be achieved by ensuring that when they bring vehicles over British boarders that their fuel tanks are no greater than 1/4 full of fuel, which ensure that they must fill up in the UK and contribute.

Tax sticker replaced by MOT sticker on front of vehicle which if not visible would earn a ticket.

Trucks to be PSV'd  TWICE yearly ensuring their road worthiness.

Do the sums, massive savings to be made by doing this

Why is this idea important?

It saves the country a massive amount of money. Rent of offices that are not required. Less staff to employ. Less equipment to buy and maintain. Less cost bust

Helps our haulage industry from foreign truck companies that do not have to adhere to our rules and have less costs.

Focuses the police towards more important speed theft tasks

Takes pressure off the small time road user. Puts emphasis on the huge road users and gas guzzlers.

Gives empetous to industry to make more efficient vehicles. If they use electricity they don't have any duty to pay.


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  1. Like this. Have long supported this idea. It would stop road tax evasion (currently est at £200M/yr), is usage based so fair to all.

    Would also reduce the number and cost of the 7,000 DVLA staff.

    Wouldn’t need to invest in as many automatic number plate reading cameras at £5k a pop.

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