Remove limitation on each each prescription to 4 weeks supply of drugs. At the moment every four weeks I have to submit a repeat prescription request for my Thyroxine even though I only need a blood test every 6 to 12 months. For for all the other repeat prescription the Doctor adds no useful value they just automatically sign the form

Why is this idea important?

As a consequence it is a regular inconvience to me to have to submit a repeat prescription request to the doctors which must also waste their time. They just atomatically sign it for me to collect. This must cause extra cost and time to the NHS which could easily be saved with no risk to patients if for example in my case two months or a quarters worth of drugs were prescribed in one go. I am adult enough to know to go the Doctor if I feel I need to. Holding 3 months supply at home is no more of a  risk  than one month

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