I believe that the introduction of fitting speed limiters to coaches was for a trial period. I believe that the trial period is now past and coaches are still having to be fitted with them. Also remove or increase HGV speed limits on motorways.
Allow coaches back into the 3rd lane of motorways as they are often held up by one lorry trying to overtake another. This is what causes tailbacks.
I believe that all new vehicles, cars, vans, coaches etc, with the exception of emergency vehicles, be fitted with speed limiters by the manufacture whilst being built.
If a driver is caught speeding, as part of the punishment, they should be made to have a speed limiter fitted at their own expense and it should be checked during their MOT.

Why is this idea important?

Coach drivers and HGV drivers are amongst the best qualified in the country and cover a lot more miles in one year than some motorists cover in 5 years.
With being fitted to cars, I feel it would stop a lot of high speed chases, after robberies etc and reduce a lot of high speed accidents.

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