I would advocate the removal of Sunday trading restrictions in England and Wales, allowing shops to open whenever they choose.  To protect workers who wish to keep Sunday as a holy/family day, I would keep the system where workers can opt-out of working on this day.

Why is this idea important?

With family and work life increasingly difficult to juggle these restrictions place are unnecessarily inflexible for the millions of workers who wish to enjoy their Saturday's "off" and are too tired after work to go shopping in the evenings.  With church attendance falling and an increasingly multicultural society, Sunday's are becoming an increasingly secular day and the current restrictions have done nothing to curb this trend.

Unions and church leaders shot down the last attempt to change these restrictions, but agreeing that Sunday work should be optional would compensate for this, allowing those to Keep Sunday Special if they choose whilst allowing those that do not wish to do so the freedom to make this choice.

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