Keep the CBT, that is a good thing, but remove the two year time limit if you are also a Full car licence holder.

Why is this idea important?

Not all of us want to be forced into taking the full licence, some are happy just commuting to work on the cheap on a basic motorcycle.

As it stands at the moment we are then requied to pay every two years to resit  the CBT.

It used to be that if you were a Full car licence holder with motorcycle entitelment, you could just ride a 125cc bike with no time restrictions on "L" plates.

I have no objection to the CBT, that is a good foundation for becoming a safe rider, It will allow many of us to use alternative transport in the harder times to come, without worring about having to progress to the Full Bike licence if we do not want to.

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  1. You are right its just another goverment cash cow people have gained enough experience in the two years so why do you have to take it again

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