Electically assisted bikes (also known as Pedelecs) are a growth are and could become a very significant factor in reducing polution, reducing traffic congestion and attracting people back onto healthy bicycle transport.

Sadly the sector is currently saddle  (no pun intended) with a frustratingly low speed which limits their usefulness and appeal.

Pedelecs are (quite rightly) resticted to just 250 watts.  This small motor doesn't eliminate the need to pedal, it just gives a useful extra shove – especially up hills.  However, current EU based regs require its circuitry to cut the assistance as soon as you have pedalled up to 25 kph.

Apparently this is to harmonise with EU speed limits.  WHY??? None of our other speed limits are harmonised with EU, and none of them are written in kph.

Even an extra 5mph would make the whole pedelec sector so much more useful.

Why is this idea important?

Green technology which can help the environment, congestion and personal fitness is being stifled by Brussels red tape.

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