The Anti Terror laws also known as RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 200) should be modified to put the checks and balances back in to prevent local councils from misusing or abusing the law.

At present there are well documented cases where councils have used surveillance techniques reserved for anti-terrorism to spy on whether citizens have cleaned up after their dogs, put the right rubbish in bins, repairing cars in the street and even checking watching whether parents are in the correct catchment area for schools.

For more information on RIPA click here and for examples of where the law is being misused simply google "councils using anti terror laws"

Why is this idea important?

It's important to have laws that protect us from terrorism and help the Police to combat the threat from those within our own country and abroad.  This means those people that want to harm British people and the British way of life.

However, we entrust these laws to be managed and executed by professionals that are trained and proficient in their understanding of protecting the national interest.

Councils do not fall into the above category.  Minor civil infringements should not be granted the same gravitas as national security threats.  Using the same surveillance techniques as we would for those wishing to do harm to British people on those who have failed to clear up their dogs mess or fail to manage their rubbish is too heavy handed.

Councils are their to serve the local community, to ensure the tax we pay is put back into serving the community.  Granting the same surveillance powers to the local councils to enforce minor bylaws by overzealous officials is going too far.  This approach is taking us down the slippery slope towards the Orwellian state envisioned in the book 1984.

This is why we must address this by removing these powers from local councils.

Whilst there may be legitimate needs for councils to monitor certain individuals who are committing criminal acts. In these cases Councils should work with the Police.

A judge should then rule whether it's within the interests of the country that these invasive laws are applied on a case by case basis.

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  1. Council cctv snooping against human rights laws article 8 they should do not hsve the right to snoop with cctv its illegfal

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