My doctor will no longer prescribe coproxamol for me, despite having taken it for 35 years, because NICE has decided that it can be used to commit suicide.  Due to medical conditions I cannot take any other painkillers so I just have to "grin and bear it"  I can go to any supermarket and buy paracetamol or aspirin which certainly would kill me, but because my GP is not prepared to take responsibility for writing a prescription saying that "NICE has said no"  I, and countless others, have to suffer.  I have absolutely no intention of taking my life, so please repeal this ruling and allow me to enjoy my life again.

Why is this idea important?

This ruling by NICE has adversely affected so many people.  Arthritis sufferers benefit from the use of coproxamol.  Paracetamol is not an effective replacement for all.  We are old enough to be responsible for our own lives but we are treated like children who can't be trusted. Enough is enough

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