We currently have a situation where two people claiming benefits at the same rate are discriminated against.  If someone claims contributions based Incapacity Benefit (or whatever it has been replaced with these days) at say £98/wk they are not entitled to free prescriptions, glasses etc but if you are claiming the same £98 as income related Incapacity Benefit it is all given to you free as it is deemed being on a low income.  What the govt cannot explain is how one £98 is regarded as low income but the other £98 paid from a different pot is not.

Why is this idea important?

This current system means that the person receiving contributions based IB has to fill out rafts of forms to claim anything adding to the burocracy and costs, oftern waiting months for a responsew and then has to fill in more forms to claim back money paid out, again adding to the costs ans burocracy whereas someon on income related IB simply has to tick a box.  The Govt should also make public the reasoning behind juding one amount in one form of benefoit as a 'low income' and the same amount in another form of benefit as not.

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