The Treasury needs revenue urgently. Bringing the Duchy of Cornwall into the Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax net will bolster receipts and will show the government's commitment to making the UK a fairer country.

Why is this idea important?

We need to boltser tax receipts in this country. Getting the whole counbtry onto a level playing field will increase tax receipts.

One Reply to “Remove the Duchy of Cornwall’s exemption from paying certain taxes”

  1. He uses the local services, he drives on the roads and his refuse is collected like everyone that lives in the UK. I & sixty odd million other inhabitancies of this island should ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION pay for that privilege at the same rate. His position places him above us mortals it would appear, it’s about time the rich & powerful realised that they need us POOR more that we need them. The rich make money, WE MAKE EVERTHING ELS !

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