In our secular society there is no expectation on women to make the relationship with the father of her children work.

On the other hand there are huge financial incentives for a woman to break up her family.

  1. Unless there are singular circumstances, women get custody of the children. For each child of a different father this brings 15% of each of the father's net salary. If the woman has two or more children by a man, then she is entitled to 25% of the father's net salary.
  2. The woman may encourge the attention of another man, because she will gain financially from the money from the father of her children,but also the money from her new man.(This is likely to make the father of her children angry and support her aspirations for more money.)

The woman additionallly received child benefit and usually tax credits. Being a mother is a nice litle earner!!

These are huge financial incentives to break up a family and these benefits are spelt out by the Citizens' Advice Bureau and Relate.

The justification is that "the child's needs must come first", but these arrangements are purely for the benefit of the mother. I have seen my children put into the hands of selfish men who have not a care for my children.


  1. There should be a presumtion that children will spend half their time with their father and their mother and there must be a very strong reason why this is not the outcome.
  2. Women should only receive funding from the father when the mother has been granted more than half of the care of the child.
  3. If a mother co-habits with another man then the woman should not be entitled to payments from the father(s)

The outcome of these recommendations would be as follows.

Women would think carefully before they put their personal wants before the needs of their children.

It would mean that orgasnisations, like Relate would begin to focus on repairing relationships, rather than offering the woman the financial incentives of breaking up their families.

The needs of children would actually be put first and the financial aspirations of selfish women would be the secondary consideration.

Why is this idea important?

Each year more and more families break up. Family break up more often than not have  a devastating effect on the children in terms of emotional hurt, and angusih.

Children learn that their parents "wants" are more important than the damage being done to them.

Children don't learn how to resolve conflicts and reach compromise.

Children learn to be selfish and pass this value on to their children.

Children learn, wrongly, that giving up is the right thing to do.

Children never learn to value their family and learn family values of care and love through thick and thin.

Broken homes also have and an impact on society:

  • drug additcion
  • vandalism
  • self harm
  • etc, etc

Importantly, broken homes are like a snowball, because they will treat their children the same or worse.

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