One man I met recently had 34 separate CRB checks! One for each employer. He was a "Father Christmas" for local Nursury groups. Each of the groups had to apply separately for his CRB check.

CRB Checks should "belong" to the subject and not the employer.

CRB checks are vital to employers whose employees are in regular contact with children and vulnerable adults.

The CRB should post the results of a first time check to their web site. Then they should issue the subject with a unique logon and changeable password,  Like with HMRC tax retruns. The subject can give any potential employer the logon and password to access and print the CRB check on the CRB web site over a secure link.

The subject can change his her password once any potential employer has accessed it to prevent his/her data being continually accessed by previous employers and employers with whom the subject has not taken up employment.

A CRB check is only a snapshot in time and regular dated updates should be posted to the accessible area.    

Result…tighter security, more upto date information, faster turnround, less cost, less bureaucracy, less repetitive searching.

The basic principle can be applied to many areas, P45s, P60s even medical records possibly!


Why is this idea important?

Reducing government costs, reducing employer costs, reducing bureaucracy, increasing accuracy, faster turnround, divesting control, promoting efficiency in the workplace enabling quicker employment.

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