I am CE of a small charity – £250k turnover and 8 staff.  I hold 1 contract with the local council (Luton Borough).  There appears to be an obligation on all Government departments to complete Equality Impact Assessments on all their Policies and Procedures.  This obligation is also devolved to me (and all the other council suppliers).  This will be a massive, time consuming task that will deliver no benefit to the vulnerable clients that we exist to support and will divert my resouces (only person in a management role in the organisation) from fund raising and improving our services.  However, if I do not do this, I will fail this element of the quality assessment process and risk not having my contract continued. 

Why is this idea important?

When you think about every Governement department, NHS trust, educational institution, local authority, providers to local authorities in the country doing this, the size of the resources allocated become mind boggling.  It must be costing the country £millions to do this completely pointless exercise.  If an organisation is committed to equality and non discriminatory practice (as mine is) it will operate within the law and seek to challenge discrimination.  If an organsiation does not believe in, and practice equality, this paper exercise will not change them Typical Government red tape that gives no consideration to the impact of its dictats on small businesses and charities

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