To remove the many intimidatory notices from public offices and other places where the public must interact with officials and others. These notices purport to threaten the public with dire consequences for unspecified acts that the officials deem "threatening". Such notices are not neccessary and no debate or case has been made for them to be displayed. It is doubtful if such threatening notices would be allowed in prisons. They would be adjudged an infringement of prisoners' and visitors' human rights.

Councils and the police have been advised to remove the massive clutter of notices, signs  flashing lights and dangerous distractions from our streets and roads. The removal of these insulting and intimidatory notices from all public places should be ordered forthwith.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important because it will remove insulting and provocatively worded signs from all public places. The threatening nature of the signs is such that they might well constitute an infringement of rights and it is also doubtful if private persons would be allowed or encouraged to display such notices on their land or on their premises. In fact it is unlikely that most private individuals would be so uncouth as to want to produce and publish such crude threats and warnings: so why tolerate this from bureaucrats, police and petty public officials?

The notices are in English; however, they are just as intimidatory to anyone coming through British customs or going into public offices and places. Remove the notices as a matter of urgency and consign them to the same tip as the road signs and motorway clutter. 

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