All legislation relating to Political Correctness should be removed as it contravenes Human Rights to freedom of expression. It is also geared to take into account only one sides opinion to be offended and is in itself discriminatory

Why is this idea important?

removing the PC legislation will reinstate the freedom of expression which has been removed by the previous government. We are all adults and live in the real world so to suggest that a grown adult needs to be protected against words is ludicrous. IF someone is so offended by a word then they should be offered the services of a psychiatrist rather than introduce more and more legislation to protect them. It will also allow business and other bodies to run more efficiently as they will no longer have to employ someone them to ensure that any wording does not ‘offend’ and put an end to the ridiculous situation we have every year where councils spend £000s trying to find ways to ‘celebrate’ Christmas without mentioning the word Christmas so as not to offend Muslims and other faiths. As Islam and other faiths state that they should be tolerant of other religions then how can they be offended and why do they need the protection? A pointless piece of legislation which costs too much to administer.

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