Remove the rediculous restriction on right handed sidecars

To remove the regulation that prohibits the registration of motorcycles with a right hand side car. Thus preventing the marvelousoff road capable 2 wheel drive Uralmoto combination outfit from being registered in the UK.

Why does this idea matter?

The regulation is unfair and rediculous, unfair because other left hand drive vehicles are not prohibited from being registered in the UK and rediculous because any 'safety' reasons given for not allowing right hand sidecars equally applies to left hand drive cars, which are not restricted.

This change would not hardly lead to a huge influx of right hand motorcycle combinations units but would allow UK citizens with an interest in this superb off road vehicle to purchase and register one like the rest of the EU instead of being treated as second class citizens.

All motorists should be treated equally and the removal of this regulation would remove a layer of discrimination.

This change would not cost a fortune to implement, it is a very minor change of a very petty regulation. Another example of health and safety overuling common sense.

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4 Responses

  1. Martin Hannah says:

    I support the proposal to get rid of this regulation. The Ural 2 wheel drive would be a superb and safer vehicle on Scottish roads during winter conditions. A case of the men from the ministry know best but really I can see very little rationale behind the current restrictions.

  2. Jonathan Pope says:

    I live in the UK but use my sidecar outfit mainly for holidays in France. So most of the time my outfit is the wrong way round for the roads I’m on but because I live in the UK I can’t but or register an outfit the other way round.

  3. Talana Gamah says:

    Good idea.

  4. Noel davis says:

    I too would like to be able to use a right hand sidecar for holidays in europe. I support this proposal

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