Remove the requirement to change use of property from C3 to C4.

From April 2010, anyone with a house which they wished to let to more than 3 unrelated people, had to change their planning from C3 to C4. What a way to kill the buy to let housing market!! Personally, its made moving to Leeds a nightmare as i want to share with friends and i'm sure that the same issue occurs all over the country! As a landlady myself, i'm reluctant to let to families, because i lose my right to lend to more than three unrelate people!

Why does this idea matter?

To revive the buy to let market and reduce unemployment by allowing people to share the burden of a new flat with friends and move to cities where work is available.

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  1. Rick Seymour says:

    I agree.
    Having this requirement means it is more likely that a landlord will throw up a partition wall and a cheap kitchen / toilet to make the property self contained… rather than rent out a much larger property.

    However… self contained flats need more regulation..

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