If I were to arrange for my 15 year old child to stay with a friend for 28 days over the summer holidays, I would be legally obliged ot notify the government, and a social services would need to assess the friends my child is staying with.

Parents should be able  to make arrangements for their childrens' care without unnescessary interference from the government. The requirement to notify the government of "private fostering" should be removed.

Parents are responsible for the welfare of their children and the government should not intervene in private child care arrangenents unless there is reason to suspect a child may be at risk of harm.

There is even a government web site which encourages citzens to snoop on each other in order to report suspected cases of "private fostering" which the government may be unaware of.

This site should be abolished to save costs.

Why is this idea important?

My idea would remove unnescessary government interference in family life.

Of cause social services must investigate cases where they have reason to believe a child may be at risk of harm, but there is no need to presume that all arrangements which fall within the arbitary definitiion of private fostering must need investigating.

My idea would save costs because social services would not have to make unnescessary assessments in cases where they have no reason to suspect any problem.


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