End the draconian restrictions on the marketing and promotion of infant formula. Infant formula is not promoted in shops, has been given a cultural taboo by NHS busybodies and is very expensive.

When I and my wife had our daughter we tried our best to breastfeed our baby for the first three months after her birth, but unfortunately my wife did not have enough milk.

When my daughter had to go to hospital due to jaundice, infant formula literally saved her life. We hadn’t started to use formula up until this point and I wish we had.

This is already a very “emotional” time in the mother’s life when her milk comes in without having to feel even more inadequate by a finger-wagging fraternity that acts as if feeding a baby formula is something shameful and selfish.

Since becoming a parent every single couple, both mothers and fathers, have had exactly the same experience as I have had.

None of them bought infant formula out of choice, but out of necessity, and all thought the current restrictions on the marketing and promotion and general attitudes of the finger-wagging NHS to formula feeding to be utterly hypocritical and condescending.

Hypocritical because midwifes and nurses have been drilled to say to mothers, breast is best – breast is best – over and over again even when the poor mother is quite clearly not coping.

However when newborn infants need to go into a hospital for any reason, such as mine did, infant formula is freely available. What else can they do? There is no alternative.

Mothers and fathers who buy infant formula through no fault of their own, not even their own choice, should not be treated as if they were going out to buy some illicit under the counter drugs!

Drop the restrictions on the marketing and promotion of infant formula and end this charade now please.

Why is this idea important?

We need to start recognising that parents are adults who only want the best for their kids.

So stop acting like children on this issue.

For a mother who can't breastfeed there is no alternative.

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