Remove the right of the Police to take (by force if necessary) DNA samples Photographs Finger prints and foot prints from any one questioned by the Police.

Why is this idea important?

It is a basic Human right to not be forced by another to submit to demands for bodily fluids or specimens and individual data that can be used by the state to harm the Individual citizen.

I want the police to only "process' as they term this if they have charged a suspect and if they are found not guilty or the charges are dropped that the DNA, finger prints Foot Prints and Photographs are destroyed immediately with a letter of apology from the force responsible.

I also want the law changed so that regardless if you are found guilty that these records are destroyed after five years.

The Police cannot be trusted and have far too much power since 911  Government have changed the UK from the mother of democracy to a Police State where the police are master and the tax payer is the prey. Even the seat of Government is not free from Police intrusion. 

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