Councils just like any other user of OUR roads should NOT be allowed to place obstacles in  roads designed to curb speeding.

I agree with maximum speed limits on roads; speed kills and in built up areas, lower speed limits are justified.

The following obstacles are dangerous and unnecessary for the following reasons:

Speed humps:

  • Waste fuel as drivers speed up and brake hard between humps.
  • Harm the environment due to the additional energy used in speeding up and slowing down.
  • Cause illegal and unnecessary wear on vehicle suspension / brakes.
  • Cause driver "fatigue" in which a driver is looking for the next hump rather than looking out for children playing at the side of a road.
  • Most are so large the actually PREVENT you from being able to achieve the legal speed limit.
  • They are put in roads at complete unncessary expense to the tax payer.
  • The are undemocratic as they prevent someone from being able to break the law and suffer the consequences – would we consider chopping off someone's hands to prevent them stealing??
  • Cause unnecessary death by slowing down our emergency services.


  • Blatent obstruction jetting out into the road, often with poor signing and little warning for the given speed limit.
  • Restrict TWO WAY traffic to one lane.
  • Have no effect on speed whatsoever unless at the last minute an oncoming vehicle is spotted – at which point a potential collision may occur.
  • Cause unbelievable distraction to drivers, especially if driving in an unfamiliar area.

Why is this idea important?

We are a small congested island.  We have no public transport system to speak of outside London.  Try getting to work in NW England on the train for an affordable rate and finding an employer that would give you flexibility to arrive when the trains arrive, even if they are on time.

We need to allow our traffic to FLOW.  We need to monitor and curb speeding but we must STOP councils preventing traffic from doing the legal speed limit on our roads.


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