Remove the right to commercial confidentiality for all contracts entered into by national, reagional and local government and publish the contract in full.

Redaction of a private individuals contact details will be allowed.

Implimenting this change would not allow access to contracts that where still in negotiation or access to contracts that where not accepted, only to the winning bid. However a full history of changes to the winning contract from its acceptence untill the project is finished, including but not limited to, the date of the change, who proposed it and who authorised it must also be kept.

Why is this idea important?

Many services performed in the name of government are now being handeled by third parties. Access to the contracts entered into between the government and these third parties is not covered by the Freedom of Information act., so it is at best difficalt and at worst impossible for private individuals to scrutinise these contracts and see where our taxes are being spent.

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