In our 6th form college cafe, we are no longer allowed to have a vending machine for snacks.

The reason, apparently, is because we are considered part of the school which we 'came from' and they wanted a 'healthy schools' status.

Firstly, in what world does removing snacks from a place where people are for less than 1% of their week (their lunch/break times) make them magically become healthy?

Secondly, how does removing snacks from the 6th form make the younger student (hence, the school) healthy?

Thirdly, the cafe is used only by students aged 16-19 and occasionally staff as well (who, believe it or not, are adults) who should be permitted to choose whether to buy chocolate from the vending machine every day, or salads and fruit etc from the cafe.

Why is this idea important?

Most of these people are considered mature enough to make important decisions in their lives, they can work, go to university, have sex, drive cars and mopeds, smoke, drink alccohol, play the lottery, but suddenly, are not considered capable of making decisions about their own diet? It's an outrage.

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