Many pensioners are prevented from joining their families in countries where they will have their state pensions frozen.  Most will hesitate about moving if they think they will be a financial burden to relatives.  Holding back for several years, they then find that they are too old to be independent for very long, despite waiting until the pension seems big enough to manage on.  In reality it will decrease in value, as it will be frozen on arrival, so the waiting will have been in vain. Pensioners are not free to choose to emigrate to a country where their pensions will be indexed annually.  They might just be lucky enough to have relatives in such a country but this is discrimination of a very cruel kind. It amounts to a pension lottery.  Please remove the rules which cause this discriminatory freezing.

Why is this idea important?

I believe in fairness and cannot understand why so many Parliaments have kept this rule and paid no attention to requests for it to be removed,  It is blatantly UNFAIR!  Court cases should not be necessary.  Petitions should not be necessary.  Even this request should not be necessary.  All that is needed is fairness and equity.  The only tool needed is commonsense. The change is affordable.

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  1. The comments are concise and cannot understand why only a few countries pensions are frozen.

    After paying National Insurance payments like everyone else to have a pension why are some unfairly treated.

    It defies logic that British Parliament is not supporting the cause to remove this anomaly.

  2. I agree with these comments and related ideas. I would take it a step further and I would be prepared to voice same to go on YOU TUBE
    Come on guys It’s way passed time.
    After three score years and ten….What have I to loose? Add another 6 years on top of that and I’m counting the days!!!!!!
    Onward Christian soldiers….( as the song goes) & Shalom to All.

  3. I wonder what motor Insurance pays full benefits for crashes with blue Fords, but not white one. If our pension scheme is a real one and not a Government manipulation, then what ever country one emigrates to must receive the same treatment.

  4. The discriminatory freezing of the UK state pensions payable to recipients when residing in certain countries is as unjust today as it was in 1950 – no matter that it has been deemed legal by the judicial systems of both the UK and Europe.
    Whilst in opposition the political parties of all ilks, as well as future ministers including prime ministers, have given lip service to reforming this injustice but when in power, surprise surprise, have failed to deliver. The victims, having no vote, have no real influence. I call upon the British, who retain their Bitish sense of fairness and who do have the vote, to see that this injustice is rectified as they have with the pensions of the Gurkhas.
    Belated it might be, but better late than never.

  5. Samara is absolutely right. This unfairness applies to 548,000 expat pensioners out of a total 1,100,000 expat pensioners. This is the fight that the International Consortium of British Pensioners are leading – to have pension parity for all pensioners. All support is welcome.

  6. I have been on a frozen pension for many years. After paying in for the FULL pension my husband became 65 in 1979 and the pension decreased every year after that owing to no raises. Sadly he passed away in 2004. I now just get a very meagre pension which is not fair as we paid in the full amount after leaving U K so that we would be better off as we got older.

  7. I paid full contributions into the scheme and topped it up to the max. I also have graduated pension and serps. I wanted to be self-sufficient in retirement. Now I am forced to continue working to keep my head above water. This is unfair to me and to all of those of us who have worked overseas and are now trapped. I can no longer afford airfares to visit my 7 grandchildren. I do not qualify for any pension here in Australia because I have not been resident for enough years.

  8. The pension is frozen in the countries that helped , supported and fought for Britain in the wars. If we lived in Germany or Japan we would get a full indexed pension. The ruling is insane and it is time it was changed.

  9. Both of us have been on UK pension since 1995 and since the pound is now 1/4 of its value we do not have much of it. Lets go for it and do some thing about it.

  10. We have had our pensions since 1995 and with that time its been a very bad situation as of now with the pound just about useless.

    Brian & Gwen Santinella

  11. I agree with these comments. As a British Army veteran I have always been concerned at the discrimination exhibited by the current legislation against those of us who now live in Australia or in other countries where pensions are frozen.

  12. It is an absolute disgrace what the UK Government has done to all these pensioners based overseas to their UK OAP pensions. It is also stupid as the UK would be better off financially encouraging pensioners to live overseas and thus saving the huge age care costs of the NHS etc.

  13. We have enjoyed a wonderful 17 year ‘holiday’ in Australia but the pitiful State pension is forcing us back to England. Once we get there we will cost the UK a lot more than it would cost to index our pensions and let us stay but that is too hard for them to understand.

  14. It is difficult to understand how such discrimination can be practised by a modern western government.

  15. How about asking the new Duke of Cambridge for help? If our Kate persuades him to live in Oz, his OAP will be frozen too!!

  16. Basically the governments attitude to anything ‘foreign’ in terms of benefits, movements, reciprocation, or travel is really out of touch. Anything out of the British Isles in fact. This applies to foreign embassies as well, they don’t exactly mix with the communities, it’s all ex-pat communities, and not surprising therefore that intelligence is lacking and entrenched attitudes immovable.

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