Why should sports people be exempt from the immigration cap?

We need Doctors more than we need Premiership footballers.

If we're going to have thriving national sports then young sports people need the best opportunities they can. It's no good for them or the National Teams as a whole when their progress is blocked by some journeyman from overseas who's picking up their last big pay cheque.

Get rid of this stupid excemption, sports like football seem to think it's one rule for them and another for everyone else, it shouldn't be.

Why is this idea important?

Because I passionately believe that sport provides young people with a great life style and disipline. I've met a number of people who've found that sport has gotten them away from a life of crime or worse and has introduced them to people who have helped given them bright futures, either inside or outside the sports they enjoy.

We have a massive problem in most major sports in this country that the clubs are to short termist and too often are prepared to invest heavily in over-paid players from overseas on short term contacts (and subsequently some of these clubs get into a financial mess). This is not helped by governemnet policy (past and present) which promotes bringing in overseas players rather than developing youth.

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