We pay millions for little return and the money saved will help clear our Countries deficit. how many business people do you know  who would invest vast sums of money in a company who haven't provided 'approved audited accounts''??? OUR GOVERNMENT DO JUST THAT!!!!

If you were a member of an expensive club and fell on hard times you would cancel your membership, so the obvious as we have fallen on hard times , as a Country, is to cancel our membership. How can we justify the millions we pay for the 'Tail to wag the dog'???

look at the expensesthe Euro MP'S claim, it makes Parlaments indiscretion look a small mistake in comparison. how many Kinnocks really work in europe for example????

Why is this idea important?

It would save Billions of pounds that could be paying off our debts, instead of being wasted on silly laws that come from Europe, we fought 2 World Wars to gain freedom from dictatorship and our successive Governments have made those lives lost…worthless.  We are an island and should have our own rules, regulations and laws , based on common sense, who want a straight banana???? Human rights Laws are rediculous and protect the wrong people , if we as a county wish to extradite someone to another Country, whuy should anyone interfere?? It should be our courts decision, no one elses, certainly not from other Countries.( ie Europe)!!!!

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