I think all traffic lights should be removed at roundabouts and islands especially the small ones, it seems in derby anyway there are lights at every roundabout.

Why is this idea important?

The lights actually cause more congestion an dbuild up of traffic, it prevents the free flow as if nothing is coming vehicles cannot go until the lights are on red and if there are 2- 3 roundabouts nearby the back up is ridiculous. I thought the whole point of a round about is that it helped keep traffic free flowing not any more.

Since Derby has had a new shopping centre there are more lights than ever and more congestion and they aren't even turned off at quiet periods.

Surely the waste in electricity alone should encourage councils to cut down on lights, plus the fact motorists are sitting with their engine running wasting petrol, adding pollution to the enviroment and causing frustration to motorists who's journey takes much longer.

I dont know where the idea came from to introduce lights but it seems like they ve taken over and new islands can have 4sets of lights and 4 seperate sets of pedestrian lights on one island and then the same 300 yards down the rd at the next island, its crazy and needs seriously looking into, local councils should be forced to remove then or turn them off.

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