These days everyone has some use of TV and/or radio and it is very expensive to administer a system of collection and enforcement for the few who don't.

This can simply be added to taxation – tax on spending may work since it takes more from those who spend more.

But by reducing the administrative overhead there is no need to collect as much from the taxpayer and this should be recognised by making the new system revenue neutral to the Treasury/ BBC.

To prevent overfunding in future years, the funding should be assessedas against a per capita costing (i.e. work out what the funding per person would be and determine whether or not this would be a reasonable amount to give the BBC(.

Why is this idea important?

Reducing the size of the public sector in a manner that does not affect services in any way shoudl help reduce the national debt in a painless manner and can also reduce the burden of taxation on citizens by removing the administration costs.


Seems like a win-win scenario?

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