Remove VAT on School uniform items sold in schools and on School Logo items in shops.

Children's clothing should be VAT exempt.

Why is this idea important?

This would prevent schools charging VAT on all sizes under 14  for simplicities sake. Would save schools time not having to work out VAT.

Would also be more transparent for parents who are suddenly confronted by a huge price hike going from Primary to Senior School.

The sizes given for 14 year olds as the age to charge VAT are already out of date as many 12 year olds are that size already.

Appreciate small adults can wear child size clothing but the current rules penalise all parents to gain a small amount of VAT from petite adults. Limiting the VAT exemption to School Branded items sold in shops should avoid this issue.

One Reply to “Remove V.A.T. on School Branded Uniforms”

  1. I am appalled that once my daughter gets to a certain age vat is charged on her school uniform.

    All items have the school logo on so she would not wear them on any other occasion other than to attend school.

    Next year my daughters school blouses will be £10.00 + vat each.

    How are families supposed to afford thism outrageous.

    All school uniform items should be vat excempt, no matter is you are 5 or 16, items bought from the uniform website directed by the school should not have vat added to them.

    You have my full support.

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