Remove the requirement for Weights from Intrastat Submissions

Why is this idea important?

Many exporting and importing businesses have to make Intrastat submissions on a monthly basis.  Submissions have to be made once a business reached a certain level of trade and required the value and weight of product imported / exported from / to the EC to be classified and declared.  Whilst the need for classification and value seem obvious in calculating the UK balance of payments, the weight seems more obsuce.  My initial thought was that it was to prevent the UK sinking under the weight of imports, but I am told that should the need arise to cross reference the return with the actual import itself then the weight is useful.  It seems to me that the weight is a 'nice to have' for government that is costing business much time and effort to gather.   Would someone please look at the relevance of this information requirement and hopefully conclude (as I do) that the cost of gathering the information far outweights the benefit derived.

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