The sad part about the Windermere Navigation Byelaws 1986 (ammended 1992) is that they are questionable as to being in breach of UK residents human rights. People were water skiing on Windermere before the national park took over the management of the land around 1929.

The sail boats that are allowed pose a visual block on all the lakeside landscape and infringe most views when behind one on the lake.

Why not let our cumbrian (and other local) kids enjoy the fabulous sports opportunities that windermere has to offer involving the use of a powered craft over the speed of 10mph.

These same people who set these crazy laws also moan about kids in the areas hanging around with nothing to do.

our last and only hope for the removal of this economically crippling law is the new coallition government, come on chaps, try this option.

1) Crafts can only exceed the 10mph limit if towing a human interacting in a watersport.
2) Crafts can only exceed 10mph between 7am and 1030am and 1800 hrs and 2100 hrs.
3) Crafts can only exceed 10mph when in the designated areas of the lake

Please can we add the three points above to the windermere navigation byelaws?

Then the area may do some business, never seen so many hotels and guest houses for sale

Why is this idea important?

Revenue for local industry

Keep kids into some local water sports in the lake and off the streets

have some fun forgoodness sake!

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