Young people gathering in groups in the evening are seen as a threat by the police, who often ask them to move on and take their names.  These names are then entered into a database and stored for 100 years.  If it is essential to store details of young people who have done little except hang around with a group of friends after dark, and only if it is essential, a 12 month period is long enough, especially as many of these young people are under 18 years old.  This needs to happen immediately and all details of people who have not gone on to commit a crime should be removed permanently.

Why is this idea important?

You need to provide an outstanding good reason to store details on, what is essentially a criminal database, for such an outrageously long period of time as a century.  This is not only an invasion of privacy for the person involved, but for successive generations of their family for 100 years. 


In addition, it means storing volumes of information for 100 years and the obvious cost implications of collecting, inputting and protecting huge amounts of data. How anyone thought this idea was a sensible use of public money is unfathomable.

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