Documentation required for employment is often difficult to obtain or prohibitively expensive.

Why is this idea important?

This affects:
Unemployed people (low incomes) who have lost, stolen or (through no fault of there own) can not supply these documents.

Allow employers to accept a legal alternative (not just a birth certificate, passport or driving license) in the form of a DWP letter issued at Job Centre Plus and signed by claimant and Job centre official.

Many unemployed people do not have these documents and can not afford to replace them. Some people do not have birth certificates through no fault of there own or can not (or wish not to) supply an adoption certificate for personal reasons (for example, if they feel this may influence employers’ perceptions about them).
Someone claiming Job Seekers Allowance obviously has the right to work in the UK so a legal alternative could be issued when they sign on. It can be too costly (for individuals and to the state through the social fund) to replace the currently accepted documents. Many employers will not accept alternatives as they are unfamiliar with the finer points of law regarding proving one’s identity and so people in these circumstances are unfairly discriminated against with regards to access to employment opportunities. This sails very close to breaching the UN Declaration on Human Rights.
A document issued by the DWP at the job centre and signed by claimant and the claimant’s advisor should be sufficient for most job opportunities.
It is ironic that people who have a legitimate right to work in the UK are presented with this unfair barrier whilst others with false birth certificates, passports and driving licences who have no such right can find employment more easily.
The DWP document issued to JSA claimants only is more reliable and doesn’t penalise people who have a right to work in the UK.

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