remove trivial, old offences-say more than 5 years old from criminal records. Use technology to keep the fingerprints and DNA- but 'hide' the identity details so that lives are not blighted by trivial offences that are more than 5 years old- so long as they were not for serious offences such as sexual, murder etc. There should be a clean sheet- even countries like the USA should not be able to get the information after 5 years for trivial offences. The UK should learn to stick up for itself and its Citizens- if the Government are cowardly and timid, what hope is there for the country? 

 I have seen many people who are unable to get work because so many jobs even where there is no danger to anyone because of someone's old, spent and minor offences -have to be disclosed.  for example a young 23 year old man used his boss' garage to do private work for customers on their cars -he was taken to court for theft and could not find any other work in a garage because he had to disclose the offence- he could not travel abroad. He ended up committing more offences because he could not get work- a waste of tax payers money and his life

Why is this idea important?

My ideas allows people to get on with their lives after trivial offences and work- this way they are not a lifelong burden on the welfare system. Also there is talk of rehabilitation- but this is not possible if the person cannot get a job and get on with his life because he has to disclose/ or it is revealed that he has trivial, old offences- that do not make him a threat to anyone. 

People who committ shocking and alarming offences, on release are given new identities etc. but someone with a trivial offences has to struggle to get work and get on with their lives. They seem to be unfairly more severely punished in actual effect- they still have to live and eat- so they re-offend and a vicious circle is created which does not benefit the individual or the state.

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