On most large projects in the UK.  Percentage retention is generally held.  Normally half is released upon practical completion and the remain released on a year/2 year etc basis, depending on contract.   It should be made law that the retentions should be paid on time.  If there is just reason for non payment then reason should be given in writing within 14 days.  This would stop large corporate companies holding on to money which should of been paid to smaller businesses.  At the moment most small businesses in this country are beginning to realise that Retention means Discount to large companies and they use their size and power to hold it back for as long as they can.  This is really harming small businesses in the country.

Why is this idea important?

Cash flow, cash flow.  This is what small businesses are struggling with in this country.  They are doing the work, just not getting paid on time.  It's hard for everyone at the moment but being paid on time for work you have done would help so much.      Back to basics, " A days pay for a days Labour"  Fairness in other words.

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