All laws that ban discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, etc. (at least within the private sector) should be repealed.

Why is this idea important?

In our society it is now generally believed that discrimination is a bad thing.  A very bad thing.  This belief now seems so established that it is hardly ever questioned.

I think that belief has become a kind of prejudice itself.  It seems to me like an intolerant dogma.

I think what matters is the extent to which we are barbaric or civilised towards each other, rather than whether we discriminate.  Consider the 4 options of being a) barbaric and discriminatory, like the Nazis,  b) barbaric and not discriminatory, like Stalin,  c) civilised and not discriminatory, or d) civilised and discriminatory.  Within d) I would include, for example, having preconceptions about a person based on their type, preferring to have a sexual partner of a particular type and choosing to employ someone of a particular type (all of which are discriminatory), while at the same time wanting everyone to be treated decently.  

Now, with those 4 options it seems to me that whether you are barbaric or not is far more important than whether or not you discriminate.   However, established thinking seems to be that discrimination is a very serious matter, rather like being a Nazi.   From this thinking, which seems to limit our freedom of thought, we have laws that control what we can say and our freedom to choose who to employ.

I repeat, I think what does matter is that everyone is treated decently.  But I don't think it's important that everyone is treated the same, and I think we would be more liberated without the intolerant ideology which says that discrimination is unacceptable.   


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