There are two major problems with the House of Commons.  The first is the predominance of lawyers.  By virtue of their training, lawyers do not look at evidence the way the rest of us do, i.e. to get some measure of the truth of a situation.  Instead, they look at it to see which bits they can emphasize for the benefit of their client.  In this case the client is ‘The Party’ which brings in the second problem – many MPs could not begin to earn their present salaries in ordinary employment.  They thus have to bow to the diktats of the party whips who in turn are concerned only with appeasing tabloid headline writers, and Party discipline and loyalty come to supersede the good of the country.

The net effect is that the problems that laws are meant to address are not defined with any clarity and hence do not work.  Ideas that have failed (bans for example) are repeated over and over despite hard evidence of their failure.  Added to this, the effectiveness of a law is never objectively tested so that it can be scrapped or changed.  Such proceedings are not only unscientific, they are fundamentally irrational – little better than voodoo – and fertile ground for bigotry, tribal hatreds, even superstition to hold sway in lieu of reason.  It should not be the way of rational and civilized peoples and the least the Government could do is see an end to it by ensuring that problems are properly defined, that proposed laws are tested for their practicality and that they are tested again to measure their effectiveness.  This site, assuming it is not just a PR stunt, is perhaps a step in the right direction – reaching out to the goodwill and immense talent of the people.

Why is this idea important?

The irrationality currently inherent in our formulating our laws has burdened us with innumerable, pointless, often contradictory laws.  It must be addressed.

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