Put the entire constitution and statute book through the shredder, dissolve Parliament permanently and sell off the land to orphanages, abolish the monarchy, stop collecting taxes, put the entire public sector out of a job, dismantle the bank of england and stop forcing people to accept Sterling as legal tender so voluntarist banks can provide services, sack the entire police force, withdraw from Afghan and then disband the military, sell off our navy to the highest bidder so that private self defense companies can make a living, disband the entire public education system and allow the voluntarist private sector to improve it, and finally


Put up a big sign outside Parliament saying "We have no authority whatsoever. Go and do your own thing."

Why is this idea important?

The state is economically incapable of solving any social problem. ALL laws are violently imposed and are not voluntarily agreed upon. As long as the state exists in Britain, this pathetic electoral merry-go-round of charlatans, liars, frauds and imbeciles will continue indefinitely. 

You already know that whoever you vote for changes nothing, and that giving the public sector more money only makes no difference or makes the service worse.

There's no state, like no state.


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