As apparent in High Court Judge Mackie QC's ruling of July, 2010 (Admin Court, London) the courts and authorities categorically refuse to enforce breaches to Section 13A and 14A of the Education Act 1996 by schools and LEA's even though it is a very recent law. This law was introduced to "ensure" parents their kids will be educated up to the level of their individual aptitude and abilities and parents would be provided with "REASONS" by schools if this was questioned. In this alarming and stone age ruling Judge Mackie QC makes it very clear in his judgement parents are unable to question and challenge failures of teachers in the courts uder these statutes when they fail in their "professional "duties to our children these laws are supposed to protect. His rulling indicates the law that ensures us that our children must be educated up to their individual level of aptitude and ability by state schools is unenforceable in English Courts. In his ruling he also makes it clear parents should consider what is in the "best interests" of their children before kids are home schooled by them. That's an insult to all parents who home school their children precisely because they think it is in their kids best interests to do so, particulary when state schools fail miserably in their duties under these "pretend" laws. The ongoing High Court case is about the Arnewood High School in New Milton teaching a year 9 pupil at a year 4 level, even despite school assessments and the fact that the pupil in question had surpassed the level they were teaching him at years ago at junior school, and the school knew it! Hence the parents decided to opt for home schooling. It's a challenge under 13A and 14A about the school and authorities refusing to provde any explanation or reasons to parents in relation to their demands for answers for this shameful state of afairs. But, evidently these laws in reality mean nothing, so why have them? Full details of the case and ruling can be found on Indeed a very scary development and insult for responsible parents who choose to home educate because they consider state schools don't come up to the standards they expect. What is equally mind boggling is that Mr. Michael Gove MP and his department agree with this judges ruling! Now there's a "ponderance". 

Why is this idea important?

Make sure our children are protected and the laws that are there to protect them are enforced. I refer particulary to s13A and s14A of the Education Act 1996 in this instance, but equally it applies to all laws. If they are not enforced and are ignored scrap them as propaganda. That would at least be honest even if this is an inconvenient truth. Parents would at least then know where they stand in relation to their children's rights. That would be truthful. So if it's law enforce it, or else repeal it. Anything else is an afront to justice and entirely contrary  to decent values and contradicts the meaning of the law. It becomes nothing more than a false gaurantee worth "nothing".   

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