MPs should have no legal priveleges that the average citizen of Britain does not have.Therefore all the special laws applying to MPs and Peers must be be repealed.

Why is this idea important?

The expenses scandal has highlighted that the special priveleges that MPs have extended to themselves have led to corrupt practices within the parliamentary system.

The MPs and Peers of Westminister are only doing a job of work like everyone else and they should not receive any special priveleges. The privelges they have voted themselves are nothing more than a way to milk the treasury of tax payers fundings. The police should handle all matters of criminal intend by MPs. The in-house Ways and Means committee or its equivalent should be only an investigative body.

The MPs have wriiten their own book of rules and set themselves apart from the people that they represent. This book of rules must be abolished.

"Your Freedom" is about giving power of Government back to the people and reducing irrevelent laws. This means making MPs responsible citizens subject to only the laws and priveleges  that apply to the citizens that they govern.

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