We should start to clean up the statute book by building down. This would require old laws or laws that have been enacted but not used, or have been misused in operation as with so-called terror laws introduced for "terror" offences and procedures, but subsequently used for other unrelated purposes.

There must bea mechanism for removal of thes laws in order to protect the innocent and to maintain the integrity of the legal system itself.

So laws must be checked and scrutinised for use and application, it it is found to be inneffective or misapplied it should be taken from the statute book and abolished.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is broadly to protect innocent people from being arrested, accused, intimidated, cautioned, harrassed, charged, tried, convicted and given criminal records in all cases where this was not intended by the law. It is to prevent lawyers and the police and security services and others so empowered using laws, stautes and provisions for surveillance  intended for other purposes, to convict, victimise and intimidate members of the public.

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