Repeal all race related laws, as they cause more problems than they solve. If we are all equal then we should all be treated the same.

Why is this idea important?

The abuses of these laws far out way the benifits and infact cause predudice.

Positive discrimination is wrong, Is it right to elect a useless ethnic PM to get the percentages right? or is it just better to wait until a good one comes along? This arguement goes right across the work force.

Is it right for the Police to intepret every act of violence that happen betten people of diffferent races as a race hate crime. is it right for a white man who assaults a black man to get a longer sentance than if he assultted a white

How can it be legal to have all black or Asian groups or societies but illegal to have all white groups. This just gives the far right extremists the ammunition they need to promote their cause.

Thses stupid laws cause friction were there was none. Most people of all races get one inspite of these silly laws and not because of them.

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